Bicycles Meant To Be Cycled, Not Collect Dust

And worse, rust. Because that is what will happen if you leave your old bicycle at the back of the garage, neglected and forgotten about. It may have happened to you; it certainly has happened to a lot of folks out there. The joy and euphoria of riding a bike is over and done with within months. After one or two punctures, the interest already began to wane. This cannot be the right attitude to have when owning and riding a bike.

You should always regard the bicycle puncture as part and parcel of your every other day riding experiences. And there will always be other bicycle repair services henderson work to look forward to. Yes, that is a lot better. Look forward to the work, get it over and done with, rather than letting the bicycle stand at the back of the garage, neglected, forgotten about, and collecting dust and rust. That is not healthy.

What is healthy is of course being able to ride your bike at least every second day of the week instead of just over the odd weekend when the fancy tickles you. Of course, regular cycling does have its hazards, but nothing you cannot prepare yourself for. You should always know that wearing a helmet is important. Keeping your eyes on the road certainly is. And of course, a well-functioning bicycle makes the regular trip all the more worthwhile.

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The brakes are working just fine. The gears, well they click into gear. And the chain flows circularly and smoothly. It is well oiled but there is no mess. Even if everything seems to be A okay no harm was ever done in turning your bike in for a quick maintenance inspection.