Most Common Causes of Auto Collisions

What causes the most collisions in Vancouver? There are many causes of collisions on the roadways, but it seems that distracted driving is the biggest factor. When you’re in the car driving, the road should be the only focus that you have. When you play with the radio or your phone, read a book, apply makeup or do other activities that take focus off the road, you are participating in the dangerous activity of distracted driving. Make strides to change that and reduce risks of an accident.

Other common causes of auto accidents include:

·    Texting and driving/ talking on the phone

·    Reckless driving

·    Driving under the influence

·    Weather, i.e. hail, rain, snow

·    Speeding

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This is an incomplete list of the top collision causes, but does look at some of the most common causes of roadway crashes. Want to protect yourself and others who are on the roadways?

If you need to use the phone while driving, pull over on the side of the road or at the nearest spot rather than text and drive or talk on the phone and drive. Follow the road rules, which includes speed limits, as they’re designed to keep you protected. Leave the home a few minutes earlier so you’re not in a rush, particularly when adverse weather occurs. And, of course, make sure to focus attention on the road, where it should be, when you’re behind the wheel.

Remember, auto repair north vancouver is available if an accident occurs, but it’s better to avoid the risks altogether whenever it’s possible. If you’re involved in an auto accident, don’t wait to schedule repair service. Collision damage is oftentimes far more than cosmetic damages and you certainly don’t want to shorten the lifespan of your vehicle.